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This website is under construction...stay tuned for updates and changes!!

We would like to take a minute to welcome all of our new players and to also thank our loyal players for continuing to support us! We are very excited about our growth and will continue to create a fun environment for those who love the game!! Please come and see what we are about!!

Please check out our tournament qualifiers page for the Semi final tournament information!!

Grand Openings..............

We will have a new game starting on May 16th at 1pm at the Pizza Place in Hikes Point. This will be in addition to the game we already have there on Wednesday. We are pleased to have another Saturday afternoon game!!

The game at Spinelli's St Matthews location has moved to Wednesday nights at 9pm. We moved the game time to 9pm to give players a chance to make it there after the games at either Countyline or Pizza Place on Wednesdays at 7pm if they choose too. More options for you to play!

As of January 1, 2015 Bluegrass will be under new ownership. Spencer and Mary will be building on the foundation that Doris, Kenny and Vicki have worked so hard to establish. The hopes are to continue to grow by providing a fun and entertaining environment for those who love the game. We encourage everyone to come out and see what we are all about!  We are always looking for new ideas and ways that we can make the game better. Feel free to give Mary a call or text if you have something you want to discuss. (502) 802-4376.

Wanna earn bonus points???

We are going to offer everyone a chance to earn bonus points. All you have to do is pick up a bonus points form at one of our venues. Take the form with you to each venue you attend between April 27-May 24. Just have the dealer date and sign your form. For each venue you attend you will receive 50 bonus points. If you play at every venue at least once during the allotted time period we will double the bonus points. So if you make it to all 10 venues you will receive 1000 bonus points!!! Just for playing at all the great venues that host our games!! Ready! Set! Play!


See ya on the tour! Here we go!!


Starting game chips will increase to 2000

 Omaha games will have a separate point tracking and tournaments ( not yet determined)

 We have removed the point cap for tournaments and there will no longer be a minimum to qualify for tournaments. Everybody plays!

There will no longer be roll over points and points will zero out after each semi tournament and the finals as well.

You will no longer be required to bet double the blind on the turn or river.

If there is a game with 5 players and a player is taken out and another players enters the game> there will be 2 players that receive points for 5th place.

Please remember....no outside food or drink should be brought into any of our venues. Patronizing the establishments is what keeps our games there!





GAMES IN YOUR AREA We are always looking for great opportunities to bring a game closer to you. Let us know of a great venue by contacting us. You can do that at pokerfox75.mm@gmail.com
We feel that the Business has a right to run their agenda any way they see fit. Contracts are not the way that we do our business. Mutual trust between a Business owner and our company is all we need. We feel if it does not work out, just leave with a good standing and let the owners run the Business the way they want to. 


Dealers needed to run the game of free Texas Hold-em in an exciting environment. If you are interested in joining a growing company and having fun meeting new friends then contact us below.

Give us a call at (502) 802-4376 (Mary) or by email pokerfox75.mm@gmail.com. 
We are a growing business based in the Louisville, Kentucky area who enjoy Texas hold-em like yourselves.
Our goal is simply to obtain venues where local residents can come to play Texas Hold-em in a safe and fun environment.